At Storied – A Home Concierge,  there is a passion for creativity and helping people. Bringing style to your story means creating a space that is yours with items and experiences that have meaning and match your style. The purpose extends beyond the “pretty things”.


To creatively and resourcefully curate a home for varying stages of life. To encourage small steps toward a Storied home life.  Treating every project as unique, and cultivating a connection from vision to completion at a value resulting in joy for clients. Ultimately, a client will be inspired by their space and the life they live there.

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I deliver creativity by reinventing and resourcing home and style solutions and goods. I am a crafter, consultant, and collaborator which results in a budget-conscious approach to your unique needs and a one-customer-at-a-time feel. Together we will bring value to a vision. Bringing beauty and happiness into your home doesn’t have to be costly. You probably have great pieces currently that just need a little reinvention.  Whether it’s whole room decor, gallery wall inspiration, or something custom, Storied- A Home Concierge will assist you in sharing your story with style. Inspiration in the form of tips, experiences, photos, and ideas will be shared along the way.  This is when a house becomes a home.

Storied Having an interesting history: celebrated in story Home The place where you reside and where your heart is Concierge To provide personal and customized services

Let’s share ideas. Whether you have a complete vision or want to be surprised, I can help! The initial consultation is complimentary.