The Fifth Pile

I love the cross-over among small-business owners and I especially appreciate a common passion. I wrote this blog post to share on the Creating Clear Spaces Blog. My friend, Missi, owns Clear Spaces Organizing and I have found her approach to decluttering homes just speaks to me. Her interest is helping clients to bring practical organization to their homes resulting in a sense of well-being. Loving where you live and feeling comforted in your home is at the “heart” for both of us. Enjoy!

Keep, Donate, Throw, Recycle.

There can be another option; a way to organize and utilize items you value at the same time.

It’s the fifth pile.

Organization and décor within your home truly go hand-in-hand and the connection goes beyond pretty storage containers.

I offer you a refreshing perspective and way to address some of your organizing needs.

It will be gentle with your feelings because understandably there are many emotions attached to why we hold onto ‘things’ as well as bring beauty to your home. This is the Storied approach which you can use before things get out of hand and when they do.

One of my favorite ways to organize is to decorate.

That collection of cutting boards, arrange them beautifully on your countertop or hang them in a gallery on a wall. How could it be any easier to grab one when you need it? This is called functional décor.

Those letters from a loved one you’ve been holding onto, frame one or two of them and find the perfect spot to hang your new artwork in your home. You could even store a couple more within the frame. This is meaningful décor.

A collection of hats you inherited, select your favorite ones and display them in a fitting spot in your home, perhaps near an entryway or bedroom closet. This is repurposed décor.

The blueprints from an old family homestead or a new home you painstakingly designed can be gifted. Perhaps the elders in a family are no longer living, wouldn’t it be lovely to frame a portion of the blueprints for each member of the family? The prints from your new home would be a thoughtful gift for the anniversary of your wedding or move-in date. This is unique décor.

All of these items, the cutting boards, the letters, the hats, and the blueprints have found a place (organization) and a purpose (décor) that will provide relief from the stress of not wanting to part with them, yet knowing they’re often in the way. Not only that but they will now bring you joy.

The fifth pile is “decorate”.

it’s storied time