Color: From Fear to Clear

“I just love that color green you’re wearing!” “It is my favorite color, but I don’t wear it often.” This was how the conversation started. I was at the car dealership having some recall work done. The least likely of places to ponder “color”.

The conversation with the sharp dressed man ( I love that song!) continued for a couple minutes. The inner dialogue with myself continued quite a bit longer. Nobody would know that green is my favorite color, but every time I am asked the question, without hesitation, I respond an enthusiastic “green”! It’s as if I am convincing myself. A look into my closet would reveal something different and until not that long ago, a visit to my home would do the same.

A short time before my encounter at the car dealership, I began making a semi-conscious effort to bring more color into my life. I mean, I love vibrant color! It wasn’t that long ago, I would have the best of intentions with my selections, but more often than I’d like to admit, I came home with “boring beige”. I have spent time figuring out why that is in an effort to break the habit.

There is no doubt color makes us happy. Think about it! All the fun things and places are color-FULL – toys, amusement parks, candy. Have you ever felt the smile come to your face while in a colorfully decorated building or while travelling? So, why do you suppose color goes by the wayside when we dress ourselves and our homes?

Commitment – There is a greater fear of commitment with ‘color’. What if I don’t like it? But, what if you do? You will always wonder what a more saturated hue would look like. I would encourage you to consider what it would ‘feel’ like.

TIP: To ease the fear of commitment start with movable items, small rooms, and cost-conscious purchases. Reinvent something you already have.

Attention – Whether consciously or not, some people avoid color because of what others may think. Color will bring attention to you and your home. Yep, you will get compliments. And you will like it!

TIP: Start with small doses, perhaps one vibrant color. Make a small investment in accessories to introduce color into a room or your wardrobe.

Coordination: You wonder what ‘goes’ with what. Pairing or grouping color in a room or outfit may seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.

TIP: Use the color wheel to identify color pairings. Use a colorful item as a bouncing-off point and coordinate from there. More simply, trust your very own eyes!

Natalie picked out colors for my rugs that I would have never picked out myself.


It became time to walk the walk. I now embrace color in my own home and when working with clients. The fear is no longer there. Instead of wondering what choosing color will say, I consider what the lack of color does. I like to share the benefits of incorporating it into your life. You may find yourself inspired, energized, relaxed, or cheerful. And if you don’t like it, it is as easy to change as ‘boring beige’.

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