14 things to do for your home and your heart during quarantine and beyond


Obvious – Donate & discard unwanted items

Not so obvious – Find one item to repurpose

Create with paint

Obvious – Buy the supplies

Not so obvious – Paint over an old canvas or use spray paint to refresh an item

Frame something

Obvious – Print a favorite photo to place in a frame.

Not so obvious – Frame a recipe, letter, or song sheet.

Plan a décor change

Obvious – Make lists, collect ideas

Not so obvious – Compose a mood board

Use your amenities

Obvious – Take a bath

Not so obvious – Create a spa experience with products, candles, and music

Make something

Obvious – Recover your pillows

Not so obvious – Use fabric from something you already have like clothing or a tablecloth


Obvious – Read a home décor magazine or watch a television show

Not so obvious – Listen to a podcast

Style outdoors

Obvious – Add an outdoor rug under your patio or front porch furniture

Not so obvious – String outdoor lights for year-round enjoyment


Obvious – Move your furniture around in a room

Not so obvious – Move a piece of furniture to a new room


Obvious – Store like items together.

Not so obvious – Use vessels you have like baskets, tote bags and large bowls for storage.

Incorporate nature

Obvious – Put flowers in a vase

Not so obvious – Put flowers, rocks, shells in an unlikely container like a mason jar or a coffee can

The sense of scent

Obvious – Light a candle

Not so obvious – Bake something, diffuse essential oils or bring in flowers

Paint a wall or a room

Obvious – Select greige

Not so obvious – Use color theory to make your selection based on your desired mood


Obvious – Find a quiet, comfortable spot

Not so obvious – Create a relaxation spot with intention

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