5 Ways to a Storied Holiday

What does this time of year & the holidays mean?

What are the memories, feelings, traditions?

Have each family member take a few minutes to list words.

Create chalk art with all the words.

Chalkboard Tips and Tricks here:


Gather your favorite seasonal mugs.

Ingredients: cocoa, marshmallows, candy canes, cookies, and other fun accompaniments and don’t forget the whipped cream.

Find the perfect bucket, basket, or platter to hold all the fun.

Make time for a couple “cocoa chats” with family or friends. Enjoy your favorite Christmas songs.

Style your existing decor to give it a holiday flair.

Change a frame.

Add a bow.

Hang seasonal foliage.

Write holiday sayings/lyrics on glass items with non-permanent marker.

Fill containers with holiday-themed/colored items.

Challenge yourself to “wrap” gifts in anything but traditional wrapping paper or gift bags.

Fabric Map

Clothe Napkins Decorative Tin

Dishtowel Wallpaper

Poster Stamped/Painted Craft Paper or Paper Bags

Ice lanterns are fun to make and share!

Gather vessels of various sizes.

Cranberries, pine sprigs, pinecones, mini lights, candles will make it pretty.

Hope for cold weather or a large freezer.

Here is a little help:



My hope is you will find yourself slowing down, having conversations with those important to you, creating with little effort, and sharing.

it’s storied time