11 inspirations for decorating with written treasures

Putting letters, cards & notes on display

These vintage valentines right here are the inspiration for this post. So many ways to display, decorate, and cherish your notes, letters, cards, postcards, envelopes for years to come.

Give a card or letter special treatment with a mat and frame. This one shared by Mustard Seed Interiors was styled to hang year-round and be such a pretty compliment to the blue and white toile wallpaper.

Put a special relationship on display in a shadowbox frame. Place notes, envelopes, flowers, and other momentos safely behind glass and display on a wall or a table.

String a collection of cards together to make a garland. This Valentine’s Day themed example by Turtle Creek Lane is so sweet! Just think off all the holidays and occasions you could commemorate in this way!

Did you know you can create custom printed fabric? Imagine a lovely handwritten note on fabric. Oh, the ways one could use the fabric to add a personal touch to your decor or give as a gift!

This is one of my favorite ideas! Here is custom wallpaper from Murals Your Way. Design your paper to be an exact copy of a cherished letter or of a salutation or signature of a loved one.

Gather mail you just don’t have the heart to throw away and display it on a beautiful cork bulletin board. Periodically, reread and smile!

Here is just one example of how to preserve the handwriting of someone special. This tea towel by Pretty Things By Jess would be such a treasure. Pick your favorite parts of that letter and have a few towels created, so you’re never without one.

Create a seasonal display with cards received over the years. This cute way Duct Tape and Denim organized Valentines could be used for Christmas or birthdays too. Use an apothecary jar or basket to make your display come together even faster!

Get creative by taking photos of your letters. Focus on a few special words and take a picture of that. Include a trinket that helps tell the story. Have the photo printed in the perfect size! The original letter can be stored within the frame for safe keeping.

Print those meaningful words on a canvas. This will be a joy for you and for any lucky person who you gift it to. This example by 24thAveDesigns is simply beautiful!

Be on the lookout for the perfect envelope to be enlarged into a stunning art piece with a story. This photo by Tria Giovan was shared in a feature by Southern Living.

All of these ideas are so fun! What will you try first?

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