I am Storied

I am a lover of stories! I am a discoverer, creator, and sharer of stories. It comes from deep-down and years ago. I have unconsciously looked for the meaning in things, relationships, and places since I was young and believe me, sometimes it is exhausting. More often, it is inspiring and makes me so happy!

I began sharing this outlook as a young adult. Being intentional in selecting or handmaking gifts to give away felt good. Preparing recipes from old recipe cards of dear family members brought connection. Displaying artwork that once hung in a grandmother’s home encouraged a daily smile. I could not attain these feelings from traditional shopping and purchasing.

As I look around my home, I see artwork collected from dozens of trips. Imagine the stories to be told for years to come. In the dining room, milk glass treasures are front and center gathered over time. Cookie cutters collected and gifted are displayed on a shelf in the kitchen. You wouldn’t think baking cookies could get any better. A gallery of my kids’ artwork has come together and the pieces are really good. I am beaming!

“Where did you get that?” Over the years, I have been asked that question so many times and it brings me so much joy to share those answers. I began to see I was offering the same words over and over again and encouraged those asking to find and embrace their own meaningful way of living.

What I didn’t realize was how much I had to share. I eventually ventured into offering my approach as Storied – A Home Concierge. I want people to know that slowing down and thoughtfully curating a home and life is not frivolous; it is soothing. Storied makes it ok to think about things in your home as more than just objects. View all you already have through a different lens. Make your home a reflection of you and those you love. Take the time to ask yourself what you want and then wait for it. Allow space for opportunities and sit with that blank canvas until you feel inspired. Create something with perfection thrown aside. You cannot do it wrong.

Finding intentionality in your home life will overflow and when you walk out your door, you will radiate all your home is giving you. Hang onto those stories and when someone asks’ “Where did you get that?” a beautiful conversation and connection will be had.

Artwork from a grandmother’s home that has been in ours for more than 20 years.

it’s storied time