Secret: This is not Frivolous

Creating a beautiful (to me) home has become so important to me, but it wasn’t always a conscious thing. In my adult life, I have lived in three homes. The first one was an existing 1970’s multi-level. I loved the handsewn curtains in the primary bedroom and the recovered cushion on the window seat. The second one was a builder standard two-story that we (my husband) did most of the finishing work on. I fondly remember the wall art we crafted from 2×4 remnants and the barstools that received regular fabric updates. Our third and current home is 100% custom and is still our dream home. Nearly each room tells a part of our story. A reclaimed barn wood wall, photography turned canvas, and shadowboxes filled with small treasures from our trips and outings. I was pulled toward these special touches because they just made me happy.

You see, I always got caught up in the idea that decorating my home was frivolous. Honestly, I still do sometimes. It has taken many years and introspective thinking for me to realize why I take and appreciate this approach. Seeking meaning and creating with my own hands seemed less superficial. It takes more thought and often leads to better satisfaction. These were among the reasons I came up with. Beauty as purpose became a conscious approach for me, our home, and always a warm conversation with others. Whether you personally design and contract items or find what speaks to you at stores, a home of intention supports in all the ways.

Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling.

Cecelia Ahern

I discovered that making us happy is reason enough to curate a home that is beautiful to you. However, there is real scientific reasoning for what beauty among us does for us! Your home physically protects you, but less obvious, it has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Meals are served in your home, but similarly your home can deplete or energize you. The rooms in our homes have general purpose. Do you have a spot to read or be creative; to be fulfilled beyond “shelter”? The days are often crazy, but our homes, if fostered, help us close the door on the chaos on the other side. Our environment directly impacts our wellbeing. Our homes are ours, but do they tell our story? Think about the images, colors, and memories that bring you joy. Bring that into your home! I hope to help you do just that throughout this blog journey and on Storied social media. @astoriedhome on Instagram and Storied- A Home Concierge on Facebook.

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