Signs You’re a Homebody – Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

Today I sit, in an oversized chair, looking out a window. I am comfortable out of the elements of this day where the “feels like” temperature is 105 degrees in Minnesota. Yes, Minnesota. Ironically, the wool blanket I ordered from Faribault Woolen Mill, a few months back, arrived today. I will share about that when the weather advises. Although “Signs You’re a Homebody” may spark thoughts and memories of cooler weather when we spend more time inside and put on an extra layer, true homebodies are year-round.

My definition of a homebody: Your interests and talents are focused on the home. You’re at peace and most comfortable at home. You look for opportunities to share your love of “home” with others. You create “home”.

There are many ways to define what it means to be a homebody, but the best way is through stories told.

Do you ever walk through a store and say to yourself, “I could make that”? Do you actually go ahead and make it? I believe this is a sure sign you are a homebody. Welcome, fellow homebody! Recently, while browsing Trader Joe’s, I experienced this as I very often do. My eyes were drawn to the Watermelon Cucumber Cooler on the shelf and knew what I had to do. I made my own version and it was so refreshing. This recipe is as easy as watermelon and cucumbers juiced or blended.

Homemade Watermelon Cucumber Cooler is a must!

  • It is simple, yet elevated. Your family and guests will thoroughly enjoy it!
  • Its water content is high. This is important for keeping hydrated!
  • It is packed with nutrients. Your heart, eyes, and skin will thank you!
  • It is a beautiful color. It is so pretty in a glass pitcher or mason jar!

Download Watermelon Cucumber Cooler Recipe Card Here!

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