The Everything Basket

For Seasonal and Holiday Decorating

I didn’t always decorate this way. This method of trimming my home has evolved over time and I only just recently gave it an official name. The Everything Basket! It makes me so happy! Using this approach for seasonal and holiday decorating will bring in a cost-effective and Storied result.

The Everything Basket way of decorating includes a large basket or box. A pretty vessel will add to the fun. If you’re like me, you have decorative items in a few places in your home. Take your basket and, with an open mind, walk throughout your home putting items inside. You will search for items in four categories: Literal, Color, Paper, Everyday Decor/Vintage.

Gather literal items like flags and stars for the 4th of July.

Grab many items that fit the color scheme like candles, books, ribbon, and fabric

Collect paper items like kid’s artwork, printables purchased online, and calendar pages

Include other decor and vintage items you may or may not be currently using.

Once you have everything together in one spot, begin putting pieces together until you have a “look” you like.

Here is what I love most about decorating using an Everything Basket. It is cost-effective. You will discover you have so much already in your home that you can use and if you do happen to need something, you will know exactly what it is before heading to a store. Also, Some items will play double duty; They will crossover between multiple holidays/seasons. Another fun aspect of this method is you will get different results each time. Lastly, this is a Storied approach to decorating. It gives you an opportunity to bring out items you aren’t using on a daily basis and perhaps are not fitting to be. Things become unlikely decor for a short time.

I think you will find this to be an enjoyable way of curating seasonal and holiday decor. I encourage you to try using an Everything Basket. The items are just as pretty even if they never leave the basket.

it’s storied time