Slowing Down by Shaking Things Up – Whipped Cream & Berries

Summer just looks different. There are many festivals, camps, trips to the cabin, and yard projects to keep us busy. It can seem like a race to fit it all in, yet in many ways, life slows down. Is it the work week that seems to be three days long? Is it cooking on the grill that makes planning and cleanup easier? Is it the lingering daylight? Whatever it is, it is so refreshing. I occasionally wonder why we cannot take a piece of that with us throughout the year. Although I think we can, I believe summer is especially sweet because we are given an opportunity to miss it when it is gone.

For me, slowing down means being able to be present and more “in the moment”. It means finding joy in the daily tasks and appreciating the big moments just a little bit more. This is not too unlike the every day around here at Storied. Life is busy. Finding ways and opportunities to be “less busy” is so good for you and your family.

I have found a way to slow down and it has turned into such a pleasure. Whipped cream with berries is a staple at our house during the summer, that and ice cream. I discovered a way to whip the cream without plugging in any appliances. Slowing down.

Whipped cream in a jar! You can make a larger jar or make it a “shake your own” activity for everyone. Either way, fill your jar 1/2 full with heavy whipping cream. TIP: Cold cream and a cold jar work best. Shake the jar. You will notice the cream thickening. When the cream is still a bit liquidy, you can add in a bit of sugar (1/2 tsp for individual jars) and vanilla or almond extract to your liking. Taking it up one notch further, you can add vanilla bean in place of the extract. Those are special! TIP: Vanilla beans make a great gift! I will share another time the many uses for them. Continue shaking until the cream is fully whipped. This should take about 10 minutes give or take.

Try to resist the urge to help yourself right then and there. Add berries to your jar and enjoy!

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