Why Storied

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I was given a second chance to select a name for this spot on the internet. I discovered the original name was taken and I took that as a sign to dig deeper. Being intentional in today’s face-paced, instant-gratification world is so important to me. What was this thing I was trying to do and what did I want to share with clients and readers? I knew I had to be fulfilled while bringing what is important to me to the page. Otherwise, what was the point? Through many laps around my house, looking at what inspired me, it donned on me. The name of this should be the reason I began.

I am a lover of stories.

It’s important to me that you know why I thoughtfully chose the name “Storied”. We all have stories to tell and our homes and other spaces should be an extension of those. A storied home is one that is curated with intention. Cherished items become unlikely art, memories are visually celebrated, and new pieces are purposefully selected.  Beyond that, the storied intangibles, big and especially small, are not only noted but delighted in and sought out. Routines and traditions truly are treasures. I will share my stories and take an interest in each chapter of yours. This will always be the case and the difference.

It is my hope you will come to Storied Home Concierge to escape and be inspired. We need more of that!

Photo: Tracy Walsh Photography

it’s storied time

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